Hair Transplantation Treatment for Baldness

One of the biggest problems for men is baldness. Don’t we have any solution to baldness? We can get natural hair by hair transplantation treatment by using our own hair in the body hair. Plant transplantation formula is used in the hair transplantation also.

The hair in the backside of the scalp will be more in strength. Doctors use this hair for transplantation. No hair can be grown using any shampoo or oil. The only way to grow hair on a bald head is transplantation. There is two hair transplantation treatment available in the cosmetic industry.  One is medical treatment and the other one is surgical treatment.

Hair Transplantation Treatment-Medical

To save the existing hair, medical treatment is done. The existing hair can be grown using lotion, tablets, and laser treatment. Lotion should be applied twice to the hair. The tablet specially made for this is to be taken in on a daily basis. Thirdly laser treatment is to be taken once in three days for 40 days. By this treatment, the effect of testosterone hormone can be decreased which inhibits hair growth. With this treatment, we can induce lengthy hair and the density of the hair can be increased. And also we can prevent hair loss.

Surgical Treatment 

Hair Transplantation Treatment

Next, we are going to see the surgical treatment which is given to the people who do not have hair on the scalp. For this treatment, the person should have at least some hair on the back of the scalp. That hair should be taken individually and planted on the front side and central part of the hair. There are two methods for taking the hair from the back of the scalp. One is the FUT (Follicular Unit Technique) / Strip Technique and another one is FUE  (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Follicular Unit Technique (FUT) / Strip Technique

The strip technique (FUT) is an older one. In this, the scalp skin is cut for 1 cm width and 5-10 cm length with a knife, and the hair is removed without causing any damage to the root of the hair and with the help of a microscope and planted on the other part.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

follicular unit extraction

Now there is a new method called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In this method, no skin is cut with a scalpel but individual follicles are harvested and planted on the other parts. A very important thing to be taken care of in both the techniques are there should not be any damage to the root of the hair. The harvested hair should be reinserted on the scalp within 4 hours of harvesting. Or else the hair will lose 10% of its potentiality to grow for every one hour.

While harvesting the hair no anesthetics are given. A mild local anesthesia is given at the time of harvesting hair to avoid the pain. The patient can even sit and watch television at the time of transplantation.

In this method, special micro equipment is used to remove the hair from the scalp and the hair is kept in the saline water. Then the hair will be inserted into the scalp accordingly. The hair which is inserted in the scalp in 2 mm depth will not come out. 30 to 40 hair will be planted in one square cm so that it will look dense. The hair separation and transplantation can be done only with the aid of special microscopes. The patient can go home immediately after transplantation.

Recovery and Hair Growth

A person can take a hair bath from the third day of hair transplantation. The newly inserted hair will start falling in two weeks. After two months the new hair will grow with the strong follicle. It will take 8 months to 1 year for the new hair to grow completely. It depends on each individual’s growth.

Will the newly transplanted hair fall since they are placed on the scalp in which already natural hair is lost? The newly transplanted hair is taken from the backside of the scalp and its follicles are strong than the other part of the head. The testosterone hormone cannot do any harm to the newly transplanted hair.

So we need not worry that the hair will fall. The hair growth ratio may differ from person to person but the newly transplanted hair will never fall. 80% of the people have got the hair through transplantation. When the transplanted hair grows it is like natural hair only. After that, the person can cut the hair and all the shampoos can be used for hair wash.

If the persons do not have hair on the back of the scalp and only a small quantity of hair can be taken and if no more hair is to be taken, the hair from the hand and chest can be planted on the head. Hair transplantation cannot be done if scars persist on the scalp. For more information consult the nearest cosmetic surgeon.

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