Top 10 Reasons for Hair Loss or Hair Fall in Teenage

Teenagers usually are fond of doing different hairstyles. But hair loss is the biggest problem for both male and female to go for any type of hairstyles. Before a few years, there was a hair loss problem from 18-19 years old teens but nowadays 13 years old teens are going for the treatment and even a 7-year-old child is on the list.

Why Does Hair Loss Happen at this Age?

In common the hair grows until 19 years. But nowadays the hormonal changes influence the hair loss for both girls and boys. Also, it has become common that girls attain puberty at 10-11 years itself!

Top 10 Reasons for Hair Loss in Teenagers

Reason 1: Polycystic Ovary Disease in common called as PCOD occurs commonly to the one third teen girls. This does not affect only the regular period cycle but affects the hair growth also. So the hair becomes weaker and thin and thus causing the hair  fall.

Reason 2:  There is periodical blood loss for girls every month. We have to intake more nutritious food to balance the blood loss. If not girls become anemic and cause loss of hair.

Reason 3: Most of the women try to become slim like the models they see on fashion shows & beauty contests by avoiding certain food items, thinking that they are in diet. Especially the vitamins important for hair growth are Vitamin A, B, C, and Iron-rich food are avoided thus causing the hair fall.

Reason 4:  Having an unbalanced diet, and having the same type of food every day, if we do these our body will not get proteins and other essential nutrients said above. If we do not get the proteins from legumes, nuts, and meat the hair fall occurs.

Reason 5: The teen girls who are undergone the treatment for acne and pimple may face the problem of hair fall. Please consult a doctor immediately when hair fall occurs while taking the medicines.

Reason 6: The teenagers use chemical products to the hair often. Whenever they go for function or party they use to curling, coloring, straightening, and perming the hair. The chemicals used in such processes affect the hair. So the natural texture of the hair is affected and it becomes ruptured and thus falls the hair.

top 10 reasons for hair loss

Reason 7: Another important reason for falling hair is styling the hair using hairbands, accessories, and making braids tightly. The follicles are affected by this so the hair fall occurs permanently. Many women don’t realize that their forehead is becoming broad. But the real fact is the tightening of hair causes the loss of hair at their forehead. The hair loss under chemical treatment is the temporary cause. But by making the hair tight it is the permanent reason. The hair will not grow after that.

Reason 8: The most important hormonal changes is thyroid hormone problem. The diseases caused by bacterial infections like typhoid and malaria can cause hair fall. These are the main reasons for hair loss in teenagers.

Reason 9: Nowadays somebody men and women doing hair bleach, perm and coloring at home with low-quality products which are less in price in the market.  We have to check whether it is branded or the ratio of chemicals therein? This will also cause hair loss.

Reason 10: If it is hereditary like if one’s father or mother has the problem of hair fall and hair thinning, it will happen to their generation too. If we treat this in 19 years when the hair fall problem starts, we can cure this easily. Those girls who are coming for the treatment for hair loss are working in IT and BPO. These guys may be affected by the problem because of the stress that happens at their work.

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