Manicure at Home – Step By Step Procedure

The treatment of making the hands beautiful is manicure and the legs are pedicure. Basically the hands and legs are to be taken care of equal to the face and the hair. It is not only for beauty but also for health. Below are the basic things and step by step procedure for doing manicure at home.

While coming to the maintenance of beauty everybody will give importance to the face and the hair. They will think that the skin should be fair, young and pimple and wart free. They are ready to do anything for the hair to be lovely, long and wavy. The leftovers are the hands and the legs.

Required Things to do Manicure at Home

  • Manicure set which includes cuticle trimmer, nail buffer, nail trimmer, and nail file.
  • Nail polish remover
  • Hand lotion
  • Scrubber
  • Small size baby brush
  • Water in a bowl
  • Liquid soap

Nail pusher, nail filer, nail cleaner, finger brush are some of the basic things of manicure. The above instruments are required to clean the nails, to remove the dirt from the sides of the nails and to cut the excess cuticle. Many people think that manicure is doing treatment up to the wrist.

Exfoliate your Hands


Before soaking the hands we will apply the pack to the hands. To remove the dead cells, dead cell exfoliator i.e., the cream that removes the dead cells can be used. If you don’t have it, just powder the sugar. Apply any one oil like coconut oil, gingerly oil, castor oil, olive oil or almond oil. While there is oil in the hands apply and rub the powdered sugar on that and give circular movements and then wash with cold water. It improves the blood circulation and the hands will become soft and glowing.

Remove your Existing Nail Polish

First, remove the existing nail polish with a nail polish remover. Acetone based nail polish remover will work instantly. But if you use it frequently, it will damage the cuticles and around the nail skin. When removing with a non-acetone based nail polish remover, nail polish does not dry out around the cuticles and skin. So you can use it more often.

Shape your Nails


The half-circle shaped nails are the evergreen trend, but now the square-shaped nails will give a more modern look. We have to shape the upper part into a square shape for this. Even if we trim the sides of the nail, we should not cut them narrow. After that, shape them with the pile which is found in the nail cutter.

Soak your Hands


Apart from this, it is important for what we are using for soaking the hands, basic of manicure. Take a cup of warm water, add liquid soap.  Soak the finger edges, i.e., soak the entire nails in a bowl of water mixed with liquid soap for 5 minutes. By doing this, we can remove the particles on the sides of the fingers. It will give the softness and glow to the hand. After a soak, you can push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. If excess cuticles there, don’t cut too much. It does not help your nails appear longer.

Scrub Your Handsmanicure-at-home-hand-scrubThen scrub the nails and the fingers with the baby brush. Wash the entire hand rubbing with the brush, especially the palm. So that the dead cells are removed. Then wash it and wipe off the wetness. After this, apply lotion and massage them on the fingers with pressure. Then wipe the hands and apply nail polish. If your nail polish stays last longer, apply a base coat first and then add 2 coats your favorite nail polish.

The real benefits of manicure will be harvested only when it is done to the entire hand.

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