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Protecting Your Skin From The Sun Damage Using Sunscreen Lotion

People are scolding the summer now but they were lasting for the sun once in rain and the winter. The people usually say that the morning sun is good for health. But in the morning 9 o clock itself the sun is very hot. The whole body becomes dark if we go in sun for just five minutes. It is necessary to use the sunscreen lotions in the summer even if we are at home, not only if we go in the sun. Let us discuss about the sunscreen which has become a inevitable cosmetic now a days.

What is Sunscreen?

In brief, sunscreen lotions gives a better and longer shield for our skin layers from powerful, vulnerability UVA, UVB and infrared-A rays from the sun. Also it prevents premature aging, reduces sun burns, sun tans and lowers skin cancer risks.

How Does Sunscreen Protect Skin?

We can call it as sunscreen, sun block, sun tan, sunburn, sun cream or block out. All are same. It all protects the skin from the ill effects of sun radiation. It protects from the darkening of the skin, premature aging and wrinkles. The important ingredient of the sunscreen absorbs the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and it protects it from penetrating to the deep layers of the skin or else it protects the rays from affecting the skin. It is not that we can be under the sun all day if we use sunscreen. And we should also have it in mind that the sunscreen will not protect from all the rays of the sun. It is available in cream, lotion, gel, stick and spray forms.


What is SPF Sunscreen?

We can see that all the sunscreens will be having a number called SPF- Called Sun Protection Factor. It says that how much the cream can protect the skin from the sun radiation. If you cannot tolerate in sun for 10 minutes then SPF 15 will protect your skin for 150 minutes. That is 10 x 15. It  is just an approximate value. You can select the sunscreen based on how much time we spend outside. Instead it will vary based on the strength of the sun, the character of the skin.

Many people believe that the SPF 75, SPF 100 will give the higher end protection to the skin. The higher SPF sunscreen may protect from UVB rays. It should be protected from UVA rays too. SPF 15 sunscreen is suitable for all the skin type. We should apply it on all parts of the body in which the sun affects directly and we should reapply it for every two hours is the common advice to all.

Some of sunscreen lotions contain effective oil-free formula in order to assimilate the skin added with one of the nature’s gift Aloe Vera. It helps reduces the skin fine lines and wrinkles and control our skin from color changes or discolored spots caused UVA, UVB and infrared radiations from the sun. Next .. How to choose perfect sunscreen according to your skin type and how it can be used…

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