Choosing The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

In earlier only the celebrities used the foundation for enhancing their beauty. This was used to conceal the defects of their skin and to increase the glow. Now the common people are also using the foundation. And also some people use foundation daily. Make us is the one which turns the normal skin into a stunning beauty. As earlier we discussed the concealer, likewise there are many types of the foundation also. Here are all the details about the foundation from choosing to using given by the salon expert.

Choosing The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Choosing The Right Foundation

Foundation is available in liquid, cream, stick and powder type. Choose it according to your complexion of the skin. We cannot do makeup without foundation. Before choosing the foundation to know your skin tone is important. If you mistakenly chose the right foundation for your skin type, your skin will look darkened. Then it will not be good even if you apply good makeup.

Know Your Skin Tone: It’s important to know your skin tone. The upper layer of skin tone should not be chosen with the basic color of the face tone. Because the surface of the skin color defined by climate, eating habits and environment. Indians’ Skin Undertones are generally of Olive and Yellowish type. The first step is to find the right foundation for your skin tone. To know this, apply a light foundation on your face, neck as well as the back of your wrist, and check to see if it completely mixes with the skin until it disappears.

Dusky Tone: A liquid or water-based foundation is suitable for the dusky skin tone. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone and test it.

Fair Tone: Those who are fair skin tone can choose the Pinkish Red or Golden Yellow shade and test out the correct one.

Wheatish Tone: Those who have wheatish skin tone, the yellow pigments or earthy shades are best.

Choose the right foundation for your skin tone and start a day with confidence!

What if Not the Chosen Correct Foundation?

If you chose foundation wrong the skin will get dryness, allergy, redness, swelling, aged look, wrinkles. So before using the foundation apply it on your hand elbow. After 24 hours if you don’t get any allergy you can apply on the face.

If you don’t know to choose it, here are the simple tips to choose right.

  • Fair Skin: The persons having this type of complexion must use 25F, 26F foundation.
  • Wheatish Skin: These people can use 27, 28 F foundation.
  • Dusky Skin: These people can use 29, 30 number of foundations. The number will change from brand to brand. If you are not able to choose the number you can buy asking the foundation for fair skin, wheatish skin, and dusky skin.

Required Things to Apply Foundation

Makeup sponge, foundation brush, cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.,

How to Apply Foundation Properly?

  • Clean your hands and face first.
  • Apply the moisturizer sunscreen suitable for your skin type.
  • Wait for one minute until it penetrates into the skin.
  • Then apply concealer on the required area.
  • Then apply foundation with brushes and sponges available. Or else apply it with fingers like spots on cheeks, forehead, and nose.
  • Then add all the spots together and make it even.

We should not use foundation all over the face. Apply it around the eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead. We have to use a moisturizer before using the foundation. If the foundation is heavy don’t worry. Take some moisturizer and apply with a brush. Or else take a tissue and wipe gently all over the face.

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