Choosing The Right Shades of Concealer for Your Skin Tone

Concealer is mainly used to cover facial defects, in order to balance skin tone and hide the dark spots and under-eye circles. So, choosing the right shades of concealer for your skin tone is very important. Our complexion of the skin can be divided into four categories. They are fair, wheatish, dusky and dark. We have to choose the concealer according to the complexion of the skin. The important points to be known while choosing concealer are given below.

Choosing Concealer for Skin Tone

choosing the right shades of concealer

Fair Skin: For those with this skin type choose the F.S. series concealer like F.S 22, 28, 38, 626 A, B, etc., shades. (F.S. indicates fair skin.)

Wheatish Skin: For this kind of skin type the F.S.series concealer shades like F.S 25, 36, 40, 626 C, etc., should be used.

Dusky Skin: People with kind of skin, the L.E. series concealers like LE 626, D 46, etc., have to choose. L.E means Light Egyptian.

Deep Dark Skin: For those this skin type D.E (Dark Egyptian) series like D.E., 665, 665f, etc. should be used. These numbers vary according to the concealer brands. Choosing the right concealer for this skin type is important. Otherwise, it will look like artificial paint applied on the face.

We can make all the defects of the skin to have vanished with the help of concealer. This is not only for media celebrities but also for the common girls too. If the concealer is not only one, most of the media celebrities have gone missing. They can hide all the defects of the skin with the help of makeup. So it’s important to know about the colors of concealers and it kinds.

Colors of Concealers and it Kinds


Green: This color concealer will help to hide the red spots, pimples, wounds, and sun affected areas of the face.

Purple: If it is used by the people having yellow-colored skin, the skin will be highlighted.

Salmon: This type of concealer is produced from a type of fish. This is used to show the eyes bigger and to highlight them.

Yellow: It helps to hide the dark circles and the nerves.

White: This is used to highlight a particular portion of the face. For somebody, the bones will be shown protruded below the eyes. It is helpful to hide it.

Orange: This is used to hide the black spots, dark circles, and wart.

Neutral: It can be used by people with normal complexion.

Tattoo Concealer: This will highlight the tattoo. This can be used for temporary tattoos for one day smudge-free.

Studio Concealer: It is for the on-screen figures like models and actresses.

Moisturizing Concealer: Those having very sensitive skin and dark skin can use this daily.

Extreme Coverage Concealer: This can be used to retain the makeup for a long time. It will not affect the skin in any way.   We can use this on stage shows. Concealer is available in stick, pencil, pen, cream, liquid, role, cake forms.

What is the foundation? What is the importance of foundation? How to choose it? How to use it? All these details are given in the next chapter.

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