How to Choose the Best Cosmetics for Your Skin

Fairness in one week… A bright face in a single face pack… are these advertisements true? Can these creams change the natural complexion? Will any disease be caused if we continuously use these creams? Will it affect the skin? How can we choose good quality cosmetics? Are herbal products safe? Ohhh! How to choose the best cosmetics for your skin? Here are the simple tips to choose the best cosmetics for your skin.

So it is extremely difficult to find the right cosmetics made from perfectly compatible components for your skin, but you need to select cosmetics to suit the form of …

Do chemicals Cause Side Effects?

It is not true that all the chemicals cause side effects and all the herbals are safe. There are chemicals that are good for the skin. In the same way, there are herbal products that cause evil to the skin. If we apply garlic on the face the acid present in it will affect the skin directly. Glycerin, calamine, zinc oxide, stearic acid are skin-friendly chemicals.

Herbals are Safe?

Vitamin E, butter paste are some of the creams which are suitable for skin. Even if it is called a herbal product we can identify how many chemicals are present in a particular product if we analyze the label.

How to Choose the Best Cosmetics for your Skin?


Don’t buy the creams which do not have a brand name and called imported. Whatever the product maybe there should be manufacturing and expiry date. We should stop using the cream before some days to the date of expiry. For instance, don’t use the cream for more than 2 years if it is expiry date is of 3 years.

The chemical called hydroquinone was banned in all countries except India. So we should not buy the product containing this chemical. Mercury, Lead, Cadmium-dioxane, Ammonia are hard chemicals. If these chemicals are present in the label we can avoid the products. Only ph level 6-7 containing cosmetics are safe.

Soap or Facewash – Which is good?

The soap is produced with the plant and animal’s fat and chemicals. The ph of the sebum secreted by the skin is 4.5-5.5. If it exceeds more than 20 grams in a day there will be more bacteria production. Soap cannot clean this effectively.

The face washes are available in the gel or cream form. At the same time, we should not use this too much of this too. It is enough if it is used 3 times a day. It is good if we wash the face before going to bed.

Whitening, papaya, cucumber face washes are suitable for those who wish to enhance the complexion. Neem and Tulasi for pimple skin, Orange for freshness, strawberry and orange for oily skin, honey and avocado for dry skin can be used.

We should cleanse the face at least 2 times a week. Cleansing milk or gel can be used, after cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be done. So that the moisture is balanced and the immunity is increased and the ph level is also balanced.

Sunscreens can Protect?

In the earlier days, if we use sunscreen, it will give an oily look. But nowadays gel, matte finish forms are available in the market so that everybody can use it. SPF factor stands for the amount of UV ray’s protection. Sunscreen can protect the skin only for a particular time.

Can we apply Lotions or Creams?

It is good to apply a mild lotion or cream after taking a bath. So the skin remains moisturized. Lotion can be used for normal, oily skin. For dry skin, the cream can be used.

Those creams which are called as fairness in one week may give brightness. But if it is used continuously the skin is damaged and black marks, patches, pimples will appear. Both the low cost and quality products will contain chemicals. So if it is used continuously it is for sure the skin is damaged.

The creams mixed with steroids will cause paleness to the skin, irritation, redness. Even if it is herbal cream don’t use them continuously. They may also contain chemicals. Those who have to use creams necessarily may get a consultation with the doctors. Provide leave for 2 days to make up and let the skin respire.

We should not apply the cream, lotion, and oil in the name of night cream before going to bed. So the skin will not be able to respire. For some people after the age of 40, the oil glands will not secrete properly. They can get a consultation from a cosmetologist and use a night cream. They can use coconut, almond, and butter-based creams.

Really used collagen for skin tightening?

Collagen protein will start decreasing after 25 years of age. So the skin is loosened. Wherever the skin is loosened collagen cream can be applied. Collagen which is obtained from plants and animals is available in the market. Out of this, we can select the plant-based collagen. It is your skin. So take care!!

Try to maintain the skin by way of Healthy food habits, good sleep, and natural ways for protecting the skin.

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