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8 Home Remedies to Grow Your Eyebrows Naturally.

The part of the face which provides beauty to it is eyes. For those eyes eyebrow are providing the real beauty. Somebody those who do not have the eyebrows will usually draw them with eyebrow pencil while going out. Usually the girls will appear beautiful when their eyes are beautiful. Eyebrows even speak like eyes.

There will be less hair in eyebrows for somebody. The eyebrow hair will be in some other color. Alopecia may affect the eyebrows and the hair fall may occurs. These are some of the problems that arise because of the improperly maintained eyebrow. Below are some of home remedies to grow your eyebrows naturally.

  • Lemon: Soak the lemon skin in the coconut oil for a day. Then apply the oil before going for bed daily in the night, and wash it next day. If you get irritation by lemon, it is enough doing it only in the morning for sometime. Importantly before doing this we should not go in sun for at least 2 hours.
  • Milk Products: Milk products contain more proteins and vitamins. Before going to bed, apply milk daily on eyebrows. So the natural ingredients in milk will give moisture to the hair and increase its growth.
  • Fenugreek: Make a paste of fenugreek, and apply daily before going for bed and wash it away in the morning. We can add almond oil along with this paste if we needed. So the eyebrows will have oil content and look thicker.
  • Aloe: If your eyebrow is thin, apply aloe gel every night before going for bed. If you do this regularly, the hair growth in the eyebrow will be more. Even any wound found in the skin will also be cured.
  • Coconut oil: Apply and massage your eyebrows everyday with coconut oil before bathing to get healthy eyebrows.
  • Castor oil: Castor Oil is important to eyebrow’s hair growth, with that mix the almond oil, olive oil and any aroma oil to massage. Apply this mixure on eyebrow and massage for 2-3 minutes. After half an hour wash it warm water with a cleanser. If you do this on a daily basis, there will be a definite growth in the eyebrow.
  • Onion: The sulphur which is present in onion will increase the hair growth in a fast manner. So dip a cotton ball in onion juice and apply. Don’t wash it immediately after applying that. Leave it for 20-30 minutes.

Grow Eyebrows with this Natural Methods

  • Massage your eyebrows at least once in a day. The massage done for eyes will increase the hair growth on eyebrows. Oil massage helps to grow the hair thick and black. It increases the blood circulation and improves the hair growth. Pinch the eye brows with two fingers before applying any oil.
  • Eye pads can be used often. The eyes will be soothened and the eyebrow hairs will grow. Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang-ylang type of aroma oils are suitable for eyebrow hair growth. We can massage using this without heating the oils.
  • For some people there will be more hair in one eyebrow and the other will have less hair. They may have eye vision problems. So they have to undergo treatment for that.
  • If the eye brow hairs become grey, we should not use hair dyes definitely. We can use mascara for blackening that. We can dry the mascara brush for some time and then applied for covering the hair. Using this rather than eyebrow pencil will be natural. We should not use hair removing creams for removing excessive hairs on the eyebrow.


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