How to Apply Concealer Properly?

We have seen the moisturizer and its benefits, choosing the right moisturizer for skin type and homemade moisturizer for different skin types in the previous articles elaborately. In this article, we can see a to z details of concealer. What are concealers? What is its work? How many types of concealers are there? How to choose the right shades concealer for your skin tone? How to use it? All are explained in this chapter.

What are Concealers?

These days makeup plays a vital role in each one’s life. For that makeup, the important cosmetic is concealer. It is difficult to apply makeup without this. Concealer helps to hide the defects of the skin and thus helps to improve beauty. It helps to hide the dark circles under the eyes, black circles, pimples; the scars left over by the pimples, warts and helps to highlight the skin and to avoid showing the unevenness of the skin complexion.

Dark circles under the eyes become a common problem in men and women. There are many reasons for this, such as lifestyle, sleep deprivation, prolonged exposure to computers and TV, etc.,  When these dark circles occur, it can be seen separately from the face skin. Even the expensive eye creams and procedures cannot eliminate them completely. But, minimize them by proper skincare and perfect eye makeup. The concealer is one of the best cosmetics to remove under-eye circles, dark spots, puffiness, blemishes, scars, and imperfections in that eye makeup.

Benefits of Using Concealer

The concealer is one of the best cosmetics to remove under-eye circles, dark spots, puffiness, blemishes, scars, and imperfections in that eye makeup.

  • It combines with the foundation and adds to the smoothness of the skin, gives even skin tone.
  • Refreshes tired-looking eyes.
  • It hides the dark circles that will make you look younger.
  • It reduces puffiness like under-eye bags gives a flawless look with the chosen perfect shade of your skin tone.
  • It protects from harmful UV rays from the Sun if we use SPF 15 or greater.

How to Apply Concealer Properly?

Apply Concealer Properly

Use a mild cleanser before using the concealer. Then apply the concealer. It will be even when we apply concealer after the application of moisturizer.


Take the concealer in one of your fingers and apply it on the skin. The concealer taken in your finger should be of the same color as the applied one. Test it in all the places. To hide the dark circles apply the concealer from the place where nose and eyes join to outwards.


Rub it lightly with brush or fingertips. The brush is suitable to apply concealer. To hide the birthmarks we have to apply 2 coats. We can use this to highlight the eyebrows.

Some people will have intruded eyes. For them apply concealer from inside the nose. If it is not applied properly the eyes will look sleepy. Apply carefully while applying beneath the eyes. Apply on pimples, dark spots and scars one by one. You can apply the concealer in a very thin layer if you have to apply more. Or else it will be uneven when time goes on.

How to Apply Concealer Properly-concealer-applying-4

If you have a large nose, apply concealer both sides. If round face applies it both cheeks. Then blend it with moisture sponge of it has with the rest of the complexion. See the mirror after applying the concealer. After that, to remove oily content on the face use compact powder or translucent powder with a soft brush. If it is not suitable wet the edge of the makeup sponge and wipe it outwardly. While choosing the concealer to choose a light shade of the concealer when comparing to the skin. Then apply foundation.

What are the types of concealer? How to choose the right shades of concealer for different skin complexions? All these details go to the next.

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